2019 September Reviews

A wonderful experience combining both relaxation and knowledge. A great balance of fun and experience and learning and rest. Keep William and Gabriele on your staff forever, a great privilege to get to know them both. The friendly and skilled support of William and Gabriele were the highlights.

Adrian and Vanessa Kark, September 2019

Ranger: Gabriele and William

Highlights were everything. The food is delicious, the rooms are comfortable. The staff are the best part- amazingly accommodating, friendly and professional. Beth, our guide is incredible.

Shannon Blewitt, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

Good value for money. Lovely experience. All staff were amazing. Great sightings on game drive.

Tyrone Pullen, September 2019

Ranger: Bronwyn (ex Springbok Lodge guide – now a freelance guide)

Highlights were our guide Beth! Amazing knowledge of the bush, great sense of humour and interaction with us. The friendly and always polite kitchen staff. Management always there to assist. Customer service 100 out of 10! All staff stood out- A great team. Love the new renovations.

Melissa Anderson, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

Absolutely amazing. I will definitely be returning to Springbok Lodge in the near future. Beth is an amazing ranger, has good knowledge and insight of the reserve, I will definitely refer him to a visitor. Spotting 4/5 from the big 5, witnessing an animal attack (lion eat warthog), the amazing hospitality from the staff and the wonderful information and time spent and shared with our ranger Beth.

Priyanka Ramharakh, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

Amazing experience. Great service with friendly and accommodating staff. Highlights were the game drive-Lion hunt and the amazing staff members.

Amina Bux, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

Highlights were the attention to detail, friendly and helpful staff, amazing food and the game drive.

Sivena Marikam, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

Excellent lodge. Excellent service and food. Simply awesome experience here. All staff impressed, especially our ranger and Melissa. Our ranger was knowledgeable and so friendly. He went the extra mile, made us feel comfortable. Highlights were seeing all of the big 5 and witnessing a lion kill a warthog.

Samantha Maduray, September 2019

Ranger: Bethuel

The beautiful birds and William’s knowledge of them and their calls, the ellies, lions and lionesses, 3 cheetah, rhino, especially the one with no ear pinnae, giraffe, all the beautiful different buck species, the gorgeous luxurious facilities, the special treat picnic lunch, the wonderful staff and their desire to please to the utmost. Staff who particularly impressed were William, Sanele and Gloria, an excellent chef.

Trish Tarr, 8-11 September 2019

Ranger: William

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Food, staff and rangers were impeccable. We will be back. The small evening touches are lovely- stories, etc. Highlights were tracking the male lions at night, viewing the herd of elephants, witnessing the cheetah, following the mother lion, her 2 daughters and the 2 new male lions. Lovely ranger, makes you feel welcome and safe, her own personal stories and highlights are great. Staff who impressed were Sanele, Brent, Marte-lize.

Gareth Cadle and Storm Scott, September 2019

Ranger: Marte-lize

great, will definitely come back. Brent is an excellent guide. Highlights were, all the animals and friendly staff

Fiona Scott, September 2019

Ranger: Brent

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The Nambiti Private Game Reserve is situated 25 km's east of Ladysmith and is only 4½ hours from Johannesburg, 3½ hours from Durban and 90 minutes from the Drakensberg.