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Ranger Report

LODGE – May 2019 Newsletter

Rangers stories Many guests that follow us on a regular basis will know that the reserve has been planning on opening new sections of the reserve to create more space for conservation and [...]

LODGE – April 2019 Newsletter

The month of April started off with us hosting Tourica Tours once again with an Australian group travelling with two Australian known musicians, Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey.  This is always [...]

March 2019 Newsletter

Apologies for having you all wait for our next newsletter but here it is. Just to update everyone on what has been happening since our last newsletter. The lodge has been very busy and [...]

September 2018 Newsletter

This month definitely goes to the cats with all of our feline friends contributing wonderfully to our camera memory cards as us trigger happy guides fired away! This spray of ‘ammunition’ was only [...]

August 2018 Newsletter

This past month has really lived up to its name in being the “windy month”. Several of our game drives were planned and directed specifically with the wind in mind and several areas within our [...]

November 2017 Report

It starts with the darkening of the sky and the distant rumble of thunder, a flash of lightning and the smell of the promise of rain. Rangers scurry to make sure that their ponchos [...]

October 2017 Report

October is upon us and spring is well underway as our once open grasslands transform into dense green thickets as the various Acacia thorn trees develop new leaves for the upcoming growth season. This [...]

September 2017 Report

September, the month of SPRING, when we bid farewell to Winter and eagerly anticipate the arrival of warmer weather and hopefully rain. Reserve Management have been busy burning blocks all across the reserve as [...]

July 2017 Report

Nature is a cruel mistress, never has this been more evident that the savage death of our Kalahari Lioness-Tswalu. In last month’s newsletter we were so happy to announce that we had good reason [...]

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The Nambiti Private Game Reserve is situated 25 km's east of Ladysmith and is only 4½ hours from Johannesburg, 3½ hours from Durban and 90 minutes from the Drakensberg.