Ranger Report

Chad’s EPIC giraffe sightings

This month I’ve had incredible sightings of giraffe feeding, drinking and necking. I’ve spent a fair amount of time watching the way they wrap their tongues around the twigs and pull off the leaves, exposing [...]

Jackal munching on Impala – by Chad

On the way back to the lodge I came across this baby Impala being eaten by a black backed jackal. It was interesting to see how the small carnivore tackle it's way into the carcass. [...]

Gabriele’s lesson 101 on the Giraffe

Guides often ask guests a trick question. How many bones in a giraffes neck? Or to be precise how many vertebrae in a giraffes neck? Well, the answer is seven. The crazy thing is that [...]

Wild Bill and an Aardvark

The last month has produced some amazing sightings from rare bird sightings such as orange breasted wax bills, ruff and many more. Lots of lions and cheetah and all the usual suspect returning to their [...]

Bush moments by Beth

We came across the matriarch and a few other elephant members in the sprite. They were trying to drink water out of a natural spring. As we sat there, my guests were very interested in [...]

Gabriele’s Story

Elephants being hindgut fermenters* are dependent on water for digestion. Unlike a ruminant who ferments food in the first stomach and then regurgitates to carry on with the process of digestion, elephants complete this action [...]