“It is all about the meet and greet”

Possibly one of my best sightings at The Springbok Lodge was just around the time the Reserve Management introduced new male lions into the Nambiti Game Reserve. This is to ensure that there is always a new and healthy gene pool so that lions are not crossbreeding within current pride members.

On this particular day, I was out with the Slade family and moments after joining up with the new lions, all “hell broke loose” and there were lions running in all directions. Lions running away, lions being attacked, as the males started to established their place in the pride and warn others they are here! This encounter was over within a few minutes giving us no time to get cameras or phones out to film it. The volume of the GROWLS and ROARS is something you never forget and makes you also realise the sheer power of these animals.

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Written by Ranger Brent Scott

Pictures provided by Aimee Slade