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//LODGE – May 2019 Newsletter

LODGE – May 2019 Newsletter

Rangers stories

Many guests that follow us on a regular basis will know that the reserve has been planning on opening new sections of the reserve to create more space for conservation and animals. The new section has been open for a while now and all I can say is stunning with it’s old trees, a huge variety of succulents and views that stretch on. The elephants are also loving it with more access to new parts of the river and a few areas that are not easy for vehicles to access, give it a few hours or a day and they will be out in the open again. Enjoy the sundowner while we wait …………

The two new males introduced within the last year have hopefully stopped wreaking havoc and chasing everything around the reserve to clearly indicate they are here to stay and will establish a good territory to defend which nearly covers the entire reserve. The younger male has been trying to stay well clear of the troublemakers and at the same time find a little spot in the sun for him to enjoy. The new males have spent time mating but as we all now no guarantees n new cubs but keep up to date with us and hopefully there will be a great time to come and visit again.

The rest of the game has just been awesome, great sightings of Giraffe’s, Zebra and general game always keeps the drive interesting and informative. As we head into winter with extra poncho’s and hot water bottles this year, the grass resources and water resources are at a good level after the drought. This year, the reserve will be planning on burning some large sections. These will start to bring more game in onto the new sprouting grass sections and open the areas up for great viewing.

Reserve news

Winter is on us; however, it has been good on the side of temperature with dew levels and moisture keeping the bush in the reserve looking green and most trees have not lost their leaves for the season. Drives are heading out a bit later in the morning and earlier in the evening making it both comfortable for guests and to find animals. It is that time, we prepare for fire season, get the firebreaks done and ensure we have plenty of water on hand. The reserve management have done a great job and each year they get better at it and with the support of guests they get the opportunity to add to their equipment. The reserve has added a second fire-fighting unit which will help conservation, animals and ensure the safety of fires in the reserve.

The Cheetahs are doing great at staying well clear of the lions and all are healthy with no losses. The continued support will allow the reserve to move forward with predator programs and bring guests new experiences in the upcoming months and for the reserve long term.

Lodge News

We had a rather quiet May at the lodge – generally the ‘talk of the town’ was that this was mainly due to the elections that took place on the 8th and travelers (esp those from overseas) were weary of travelling at this time and waited to see the outcome of the elections, and the consequences of that outcome too, no doubt.

While the lodge may have been quiet – guest-wise – the day to day routine of maintenance and repairs and redecorate continues. Head of departments also make the most of this quieter time to carry out staff training in their departments as this is a must to remain at the top of our game. The results speak for themselves …

Today, as I sit here and complete this newsletter, the reality that Winter has set in is evident … the maximum temperature for today is 15°c (our coldest day yet this year) and the skies are grey and cloudy and it is rather COLD out there … even Brett (our GM) has a fleece jacket on – so it MUST be cold today! However our reduced rates during the Winter Season (till 27 September) won’t leave your wallet cold!! For those who don’t mind the cooler weather and enjoy really good game sightings due to the winter vegetation … drop us an email ( or phone Melissa (+27 36 6379604) to check our availability. We still have some availability over the next two weeks during the school holidays.

Wrap up stay warm and here’s wishing those with children going on school holidays tomorrow – Happy holidays!!

From the Springbok Lodge Team